Art Every Day Month

Art Every Day Month

I love the first day of each new month. As a perfectionist with a short attention span, a certain amount of ambition, and a certain lack of follow-through, I welcome any excuse to declare a new beginning. New beginnings mean making to-do lists, one of my favourite activities. Refreshing old resolutions (happy World Vegan Day, everyone!). Forgiving old failures (I *had* to eat all the leftover milk chocolate Hallowe’en candy before World Vegan Day). Rising to new challenges. Dreaming of getting a little closer to being My Very Best Self, starting now.

I also love art and am an aspiring, if not actually talented, maker-of-visually-engaging-items. I’m an art supply junkie, in spite of my aforementioned lack of talent. So I’m quite delighted with the concept of Art Every Day Month, a challenge issued by Leah Piken Kolidas to make something every day. Not only did it (so far) get me to make this website, which I’ve had on countless to-do lists over the past (mumble, mumble) months, but it might just make me use my collection of specialty art paper, fancy pencils, pastels, paints, instructional books, etc., for a change.

Art Every Day Month


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