Writing & Editing

Grammar Nerd TypingThe most compelling writing contains elements of story: plot (either of action or ideas), characters, conflict, resolution. When these elements are well crafted – when they are clear, strong, and unique – they can inform and inspire, motivate and move.

I can help you tell your story in an engaging way, with an appropriate voice and interesting detail – whether you need a piece created from scratch, a substantive or structural edit to ensure that you’re getting your story across clearly and completely, a read-through for consistency and tone of voice, a critique, or a final proofread to polish up a near-finished product. Please contact me for further information and options.

For more details about my work and experience, see the Meet Laurel page, or view my profile on LinkedIn.

‘She wrote out a story about her life / I think it included something about me / I’m not sure of that, but I’m sure of one thing / her spelling’s atrocious.’ – Sloan, Underwhelmed